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Auto Tune Up

Get Better Gas Mileage and a Smoother Running Engine

Get a tune up for your car or truck. It will run better and get better gas mileage. PJ's in Yuba City is your friendly, fast auto repair service center.

What does it cover?

Does your timing belt need to be replaced?

Auto Tune Up Cost

A dealer will quote an hourly rate, another mechanic might charge a flat rate fee. You can easily see that when you call around for an estimate you can get some pretty dramatic price differences. Most larger shops and all dealers that I am aware of will charge an hourly price for each job that is listed in a shop hourly manual. For example your car tune up might have an estimated repair or replacement time of four hours in the shop manual. This time is calculated using the shop hourly rate
{i.e., 4 x $102=$408}. Pretty straight forward right? Not all the time.

Anything that is found that needs to be repaired such as a bad radiator hose or frayed fan belt is over and above the tune up cost.

Another Example: You call to get a price for a new radiator installed. Does the estimate include new antifreeze, a new radiator cap and taxes? I will automatically figure these items in to my estimate, not only because I want to do a nice turn key job, but also I don't want to have to sell you parts later on that I already know you will need. For this reason, my phone estimates can be higher than some of my competitors, but your final bill might actually be lower.

On a different note, as a shop owner I would want to know why you are requesting a car tune up in the first place. What I have found is that if the car runs poorly or differently than normal, the customer often automatically asks for a car tune up. Cars of today are very sophisticated and full of computers and sensors that can cause your car to act strangely. So a tune up might not fix the problem, and a proper diagnosis from the mechanic could be beneficial.


Happy Customer. great service, fair price, and good quality work. This is so important when taking your car to be repaired. Their service is timely. They just finished fixing the challenges associated with my daughter's vehicle as she hit a deer. What a mess but they were able to put the wheel well back on and fix the underside of the car.

Joan H.

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