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Complete Automotive Repair Service

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PJ's Auto Repair Service and Smog Check Station

Recalls are the only reason to go back to your vehicle dealer. The warranty on your new vehicle stays in effect when maintenance is performed here. We have a full maintenance program for your car, SUV or truck.

  • Helpful, knowledgeable, fast and friendly professional auto repair service
  • Certified Master Mechanics
  • Top of the line auto repair service equipment
  • Realistic estimates of the work to be done
  • Quality NAPA parts or factory OEM parts used in most repairs
  • Import, Domestic and Trucks
  • Smog Check Discount

There are times when you may need auto repair work, scheduled maintenance, for your car or truck. PJ's in Yuba City is your auto repair service center. Auto repairs of all types, tune ups, brakes, front end alignment, hoses, belts, shocks, struts, tires, filters, air conditioning, suspension, fuel injection, carburetors, distributors, radiators, check engine light, official brake and lamp inspection station, and more...

Many people underestimate the value of regularly servicing their vehicles. Whether you own a used car or new car, all cars and trucks need regular "check-ups" and oil changes to ensure that all parts are in working order, fluids are at the correct levels, and worn out parts are properly replaced. PJ's auto repair service of Yuba City can perform these tasks for you. And when it comes time to sell your car, you'll be happy you spent the extra time properly servicing it.

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Nick did a great job helping me getting my 1971 Chevy pickup running after sitting for 13 years. He has helped me with my regular vehicles a Ford Expedition and Volvo station wagon keeping them in great running shape so they are dependable. I originally came to Nick looking for a second opinion. He solved the problem and improved the performance and now PJ's is my first choice for all of my auto repairs.

Ron Hilbert
Sutter, CA


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